In the course of life, all of us women experience a number of changes on our body that often, affect our intimate equilibrium and well-being, which at times, limit the pleasure we get out of our sexual intercourse overall.

Although the emotional background plays a key role in generating sexual desire and satisfaction, maintaining a healthy genital (vulvovaginal) area, is essential and linked to sexual well-being and pleasure.

The tissue of the vulvovaginal area is subject to constant cell renewal and is sensitive to numerous internal and external factors, which may alter the physiological vaginal lubrication. Reduction of vaginal lubrication may lead to intense pain during sexual intercourse and consequently, a decreased desire, as well as, increased risk of genital lesions and infections.

A number of factors have been observed to, at times affect vulvovaginal health, such as: stress, treatment with antidepressants, long-term contraceptives' usage, age related hormonal changes and sudden weight gain or weight loss.

Oestrogens are the primary female sexual hormones, responsible amongst other, for the regulation of our reproductive/genital system. The fluctuations on oestrogen levels, affect us in so many different and diverse ways, both physical and emotional, especially when approaching menopause, a milestone in every woman's life.

Low oestrogen levels may interfere with the quality of our sexual life and well-being. In such case, we often experience symptoms such as:

  • Generalized decreased lubrication (vaginal, skin, eyes, mouth dryness e.tc.)
  • Reduction of the thickness and tonicity of vaginal walls and lips
  • Weakened hair and nails
  • Dull, more flaccid skin and increased appearance of wrinkles
  • Tendency for weight gain and increased accumulation of fat in the abdominal area
  • Loss of muscle tone

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