In the course of life, women may experience a number of changes on the body that often, affect the intimate equilibrium and well-being and might limit the feeling of pleasure in intimate moments.


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"My sexual desire, after pregnancy was very low. I was feeling sad and frustrated and so I decided to try LIBIFEME®. Just 2 months after, I felt both my sexual drive and lubrication increased. Now, I feel so good that I keep on taking it! It is truly unbelievable: the desire for my husband and pleasure I experienced are back again. Thank you!"

P., 33 years old

"I heard about LIBIFEME® 3 months ago and thought about giving it a try. At first I did not feel much of a difference, but after the first month, I started having more pleasure during the sexual intercourse with my boyfriend and felt more lubricated.
Since then I am a huge fan of

Anne L., 39 years old

"I decided to try LIBIFEME® Meno 50+ , after a friend recommended it, since I had been experiencing vaginal dryness due to early menopause. After taking the tablets for 3 weeks, I started feeling more lubricated and my skin felt less dull and more moisturized. I have been taking it for 4 months now, and I feel great since it has positively affected my sexual vitality!"

M., 46 years old

"Since I started taking LIBIFEME® Meno 50+ , I cannot stop mentioning it to my friends. As I see it, LIBIFEME® Meno 50+ has helped solve a significant part of the problems I have been dealing with after menopause, hindering my married life. The change in vaginal lubrication which, in some cases, either delayed intercourse or made it so painful that it was constantly being putt off, has been amazing! Therefore, my advice to all women is to start taking LIBIFEME® Meno 50+ as it improves our sexual activity, contributing to our overall happiness."

L., 62 years old